Efficient and secure comics marketplace

Arcadia Antiquities hosts safe, simple and fair community-driven auctions for discerning comic collectors and verified sellers of comic collectibles.

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Our mission at Arcadia Antiquities is to perfect auctions of collector’s items through our secure, mobile, and community-driven marketplace for serious collectors.

Why Us?

We give buyers and sellers of comic collectible items unmatched auction experience by ensuring that collectors buy genuine items and sellers get fair value for their comics.

Auctions for nerds,
by nerds.

Arcadia Antiquities was built by collectors who value their collections as much as the experience of collecting. Whether you’re buying, selling, or just marveling, we designed the app for you.

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The Arcadia Sanctum

Learn what makes certain comics so valuable, get insider tips to buying and selling them. and discover new stories from the comic book universe.