About us

At Arcadia Antiquities, we are a team of experienced and passionate collectors committed to making the buying and selling of collectors better, more comfortable, and more effective. The founders, David Jones and Jabari Khalfani started this brand to provide you with a platform to buy and sell collectible items in real-time, using a modern, user-friendly, and secure app. Our goal is to ensure that collectibles sellers get maximum value for their items and collectors have access to unlimited third-party graded collections.

To achieve this goal, we have built a secure and easy-to-use mobile application Arcadia Emporium, for hosting auctions of collections. Arcadia Emporium is a mobile marketplace where serious collectors meet willing sellers for fair and transparent auctions. Our current focus is on comic collectibles, but we hope to include other collections with time. So, if you’re seeking a more convenient marketplace to buy or sell comic books, you are in the right place.

What sets us apart from our competitors is our approach to hosting auctions of verified collector items, particularly comics. By virtually eliminating sniping from our platform, we allow auctioned items to reach their full value by giving bidders a fair chance of winning. We do not charge you to auction your collectibles unless they sell, and we ensure swift payments after successful sales to give our users the best experience.

Get started NOW to partake in live community-driven auctions. It is safer, better, and more transparent!

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