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DC’s 5 Weirdest Comic Book Characters

There are comic book characters like Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman. These are household names that inspire hope and command respect. Then there are silly characters who provide comic relief like Groot. And then there are the ones you’ve never heard of, for good reason. These are characters so strange, redundant, and pointless that they fall into obscurity, forever forgotten. The film Suicide Squad (and it’s impending sequel) paid homage to these misfits, but we think it’s time that some more of the obscure characters get their time in the limelight. So enjoy some of the most obscure DC characters we could find.

1) Kole      

Kole has gone on to be a cult favorite.

Kole is the daughter of a scientist, one of those scientists that experimented with things he couldn’t control and accidentally gave his daughter superpowers. A kidnapping and superhero rescue later, and what do you know? She became a member of the Teen Titans in 1985. She used her silicon based crystal abilities to fight crime for a while, but was ultimately killed a year later during the 1986 event, Crisis on Infinite Earths (#12).

It’s no wonder Kole is an obscure DC superhero, given that she was created with the intention of killing her off.

2) Bulletman

Bulletman was often accompanied by his wife, Bulletgirl

Bulletman was the superhero alias of Jim Barr. Barr’s father was killed when he was young, and he committed himself to fighting crime forever. He became a forensic scientist and bullet expert who, after experimenting on himself, was given superhuman strength and brain power. He then created a bullet-shaped helmet that allowed him to fly.

Originally a character in the Fawcett Comics stable, along with Captain Marvel (Shazam), Bulletman first appeared in Nickel Comics #1 (1940) but fell out of favor within the decade. When DC bought Fawcett comic in 1972 the character was given a brief resurgence as a friend of the Marvel Family. Ultimately, everyone saw that he was really just a more boring Superman.

3) Peacemaker

“A man who loves peace so much that he is willing to fight for it!”

Peacemaker is a really weird case. He is a lot like the Punisher, with one major difference: He considers himself a pacifist. In fact, he is such a pacifist that he will commit severe acts of violence in order to keep the peace. Makes sense right?

He first appeared as a Charlton Comics character, and he remained with Charlton Comics until they were purchased by DC Comics in the 1980’s. Peacemaker might actually be much less obscure in the coming years as he is reportedly one of the characters to be featured in James Gunn’s Suicide Squad 2. Here’s to this delightful oxymoron.

4) Knight and Squire

Knight And Squire cast a very familiar silhouette…

Batman and Robin are one of the most recognizable, and celebrated duos in fiction history, not just in comics. It’s no surprise then that they would have some imitators. Enter Knight and Squire. Familiarly, they are a father son pair who wear armored costumes and punch bad guys in the face. The pair is undoubtedly a knock-off of the Dynamic Duo, only they’re…British. That’s really their biggest difference.

The characters were essentially an attempt to get more European people to read DC comics. It failed. The characters became some of the most obscure DC characters almost instantly after their creation because they were given up on by their creators. They appear infrequently, mostly only when Batman needs to cross the pond.

5) Codpiece

Oh Codpiece…

Ok, Codpiece is probably the weirdest character on this list. He has made one lasting contribution to comics: his weapon. Codpiece became a super-villain after being knocked down by a girl. Instead of accepting his defeat and moving on like a mature person, he went ahead and attached a giant gun to his crotch.

Codpiece was created as a villain for the Doom Patrol (#70, 1993) and has had appeared a few times throughout the years. Thanks, DC, for creating the most blatant manifestation of toxic masculinity in comic history.


I don’t know who you have on your list of the weirdest heroes, but just about every member of Section 8 deserves to be on there. Created by Garth Ennis to parody super hero teams, they have been a cult favorite for years. Let’s look at them individually.

Bueno Excellente, Dogwelder, and Six Pack are some of the main members of Section 8.


He’s the team leader, and his ability is his intense drunkenness, often beating villains with broken bottles. He doesn’t seem to understand that all of his superhero fights are actually just drunken dreams.

Bueno Excellente

Basically just a fat man in a trench coat who possesses the power of perversion. That’s really all there is to say about him.

The Defenestrator

A parody of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s 80’s persona, The Defenestrator carries a mirror around with him in order to throw people through it. Side note: defenestration is a real word and it means to throw someone out a window. Try and use it today in conversation!

Section 8 rushes into battle

Friendly Fire

Can you guess this character’s power? If you guessed that he can only shoot his friends while in a fight, you nailed it.

Jean de Baton-Baton

Close your eyes and imagine a Frenchman. If you came up with a beret and a stripes you have pictured Jean de Baton-Baton. He’s a hero who defeats his enemies by out-Frenching them, which basically means that he hits them with a baguette.


This is a man with a sinus infection who can cough up more phlegm than you ever thought possible. Flemgem’s enemies cower in fear lest he cover their faces in mucous!


One of the most offensive characters to have been created for comics, Shakes has Cerebral Palsy and defeats his enemies by upsetting them with his unfortunate condition.

Dog Welder

If you thought this was a dog who can weld, well, you’re actually wrong. He’s a human who welds dead dogs to people’s faces. Sorry.


The PeaceMaker

The world of comic books is rich with characters who deserve more recognition for precisely the reasons that they don’t get any. They should be known, they should be remembered, just maybe not respected. The obscure DC characters listed here are obscure because they are ridiculous, irrelevant, and even offensive. However, they happened. They were made. And no matter how much their creators may have tried to make them go away, they won’t. Here’s the weird ones.

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